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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1-800-Microbrew has re-launched as a Microbrew Club Comparison Guide

1-800-Microbrew has re-launched as a Microbrew Club Comparison Guide

1-800-Microbrew takes the guesswork out of evaluating and comparing the many options currently available when trying to select the “right” beer club membership. We contacted members of several clubs and evaluated a wide assortment of previously featured microbrewed beers. Our Beer Club Reviews were based on variety and quality of beers, overall value, newsletter content, customer service and website navigation.

For nearly 2 decades, 1-800-Microbrew has introduced beer lovers to a vast selection of hard-to-find, handcrafted beers from across the country and around the world. We’ve reviewed a vast array of craft beers including classic German Pilsners, Bavarian Hefeweizens, Malt-driven bocks, Irish Stouts, Belgian Strong Ales, Strong Porters, English Bitters, Winter Warmers and more.

The Beer of the Month Club with the highest rating is the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.

  • Microbrewed Beer of The Month Club 
  • Founded: 1994
    • Consumer’s Top Pick and Most Popular
    • Web Site:

      Best user experience, most informative, easy to order,
      most professional.
    • Variety:

      Choice of domestic or international beers.
    • Quality of Beer:
    • Newsletter Quality/Education:

      Professionally written, informative, great tasting notes.
    • Selection Process:

      Clearly defined, professional beer selection process.
    • Overall Value:

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